Consumers Moving the Dial

by Cristel  Zoebisch

(part I in a series on food safety)

Consumers are newly at the forefront of the food safety push; companies that are used to receiving pressure almost exclusively from government and a small handful of non-profit organizations are now accountable more than during times of recalls and other negative food events. Today's consumers are better informed and have expanded their definition of food safety, driving demand for products that address all the aspects considered under the food safety topic.

Food safety now encompasses delivering products that are free from pathogens, foreign bodies, harmful chemicals, and pesticides; consumers also consider natural ingredients, labeling and transparency, health and wellness, and sustainability all parts of food safety. Understanding consumer concerns is the first step in not only retaining market share, but also being at the lead of the demand for food products. When Food Works Group works with clients in bringing food products to market, we look at this broader definition of food safety as paramount.

As consumers continue to become more knowledgeable, they will rightfully demand more from companies. Companies will need to further adapt in production and distribution to meet consumer expectations; they will need to view the world through consumers' eyes and deliver what consumers expect in order to remain in the market. This will contribute to the well being of the companies’ bottom line, as well as the health of the consumer, a goal Food Works Group certainly stands behind.