Paying for Peace of Mind

by Cristel  Zoebisch

(part II in a series on Food Safety)


The rise of the information age has made a wealth of data readily available to many food consumers; articles are published daily on the latest health tips, recalls, GMO labeling battles, food trends, and other related food safety topics. At the same time, consumers have become more skeptical of both consumer product companies and current food practices around the globe.

A company that embraces transparency and shares its practices with consumers will experience greater sales and sometimes can charge more for the product, as well. Many consumers simply are willing to pay for peace of mind. Increasing transparency and embracing food safety as part of the brand are two ways companies can increase sales.  

For example, the food industry site reports: “Although family satisfaction reigns supreme (97 percent), health and nutrition (93 percent) and sustainability (77 percent) are now also important factors when deciding which foods to buy, according to the 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker.”

Prevention and a continuous focus on safety should be integrated into day-to-day communications with consumers and the company's mission. By assuring consumers that the company is in tune with their concerns, companies can increase sales, grow their market share, and gain consumer loyalty. In a world with continuous and easily accessible data, companies with a strong record of safety — and ongoing communication about their model — will prevail.