Bountiful for Months More

Summer will soon be coming to a close, but harvest thankfully will be going strong for months more. Food Works Group partners with various farms on projects of different scope, and today we’re happy for the opportunity to highlight a couple of farms that have really impressed us of late:

Chocolate and Tomatoes Farm — founded by Mark Mills, farmer, chef, and chocolatier. Mark specifically sells colorful produce that you simply can’t find at your local grocer. We recently had the opportunity to sample peppers from this three-acre farm, and they were scrumptious. And the icing on this pastry chef’s cake? Mark partners with Manna Food Center to make sure that much of his food reaches those in need in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Moon Valley Farm — founded by Emma Jagoz, farmer. Emma prides herself on her heirloom fruits and vegetables, and organic, nutrient-rich soils just outside the Baltimore city limits. To give back to the community, she also holds reasonably priced farm events, like the upcoming October Fall Festival, as well as fundraisers for community organizations. See the Events tab on her website for more info.

What are your go-to sources for locally grown food?