How Sweet It Is!

posted by Sharon Feuer Gruber

What a treat it was last month to visit Bread for the City’s City Orchard! Sweet strawberries, blueberry and blackberry bushes galore, and Asian pear and apple trees getting ready to burst forth with fruit. Mark Buscaino, Casey Trees’ executive director, and I walked around City Orchard taking in the sunshine and savoring the progress of the last couple of years. It was planted in the spring of 2012 on University of the District of Columbia land, and this is the first major harvest year — with all the fruit going exclusively toward hunger relief. One of my favorite aspects of the orchard is that when Mark, other dedicated colleagues, and I were developing the concept, we decided on the fruit that we did in part because it was expected to peak at different times, ensuring an almost-continual harvest from June through October.

Tucked in the middle of an urban, industrial part of Beltsville, Maryland, you’d never know that an organic orchard is just off the highway.  City Orchard is a reminder that with care and attention, good things can take root in the least expected places.