We are innovators who thrive when problem solving.

Sharon Feuer Gruber, Co-Founder

Sharon Feuer Gruber, Co-Founder


Sharon is a strategic food systems thinker who thrives when analyzing systems, evaluating programs, engaging stakeholders, and helping to conceive of effective partnerships. She loves what she calls the “mushy” phase of a project, when it’s just taking shape and we’re thinking big picture, but also charting the course in detail for the future. Sharon believes that almost all project goals can be accomplished in a way that contributes to a more effective, equitable, and efficient food system; she approaches all engagements through this framework.

As the Board Chair of the Montgomery County (MD) Food Council, Sharon helps guide the strategy and administration of this thriving, independent food policy council. She also keeps busy as co-founder and board member of the Wide Net Project, a non-profit organization that works to restore the Chesapeake Bay while simultaneously supporting hunger-relief in the mid-Atlantic region. She serves as the organizational lead on partnerships and fundraising.

Wendy Stuart, Co-Founder

Wendy Stuart, Co-Founder


Wendy looks at each project through her unique lens as both a pragmatic economist and a creative chef: She advances customized approaches for businesses and non-profit organizations to promote their vision, while also maintaining financially successful business practices. She is particularly committed to creating synergies between the various links of the supply chain to further both the good food movement and environmental stewardship. Food Works Group clients benefit from Wendy’s predilection to think in spreadsheets and numbers — and her uncanny ability to make pretty much any recipe better.

Wendy aspires to delight in spicy food in every country on the globe. She has found that 25th hour of the day and uses it in the capacity of co-founder and board member of the Wide Net Project. She manages operations and finances.

Depending on the project, Sharon and Wendy bring in other members of the Food Works Group team, including:

  • a fundraiser and board training expert who has raised tens of millions of dollars,

  • a distribution and branding pro who has worked on hundreds of products,

  • a food scientist who also runs his own small food business,

  • and a research associate who leaves absolutely no stone unturned.

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